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I Am From

October 29, 2021

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This piece is from a writing prompt from a training I did recently. I love this prompt, because the writer can take it in any direction they want and can be as vulnerable as they wish. It is also the kind of prompt that would inspire a new theme at different periods of life, changing over time, as we all do as humans. For this particular day, this is what I was thinking of, when asked that question – where are you from?

I am from the chance meeting of two young people thousands of miles from home in their soul-calling journey
I am from long ties of practicality, from farmers and blue collar workers who lived in simplicity and never shied away from hard work
I am from cornfields and prairies and a place where friendliness is the only option
I am from the bend in the river that carries the prosperity of the heartlands
I am from a family that prized eccentricity and never conformed to normalcy
I am from parents who took me to Venezuela instead of Disneyland and gave me books instead of tv shows
I am from a playful childhood full of imagination, laughter, and dirt
I am from the rocks I crammed in my mouth and the sand I played in
I am from a house only decorated with Latin American objects and mismatched second-hand furniture
I am from the garden we toiled in and the grass I ran through
I am from a mother who taught me strength and playfulness and a love for the immense and unfathomable beauty of earth
I am from a father who encouraged curiosity and silliness and whose shared nomadic spirit pulls us from home
I am from the friendship of a brother who inspires leaving comfort zones behind
I am from breath-taking adventure and grounded simplicity
I am from detailed organization and joyful chaos
I am from thoughtful intellection and spiritual beauty
I am from a connection to nature and urban living
I am from dancing and star-gazing
I am from love and I am from joy.